Norman Moreau

Mr. Norman Moreau is the president and a principal consultant for Theseus Professional Services and has been working in the nuclear industry since 1986. Starting as a quality engineer at the Fort Saint Vrain Nuclear Generating Station, Mr. Moreau continued his nuclear career as a principal engineer for General Physic Corporation focusing on codes, standards, licensing, and unreviewed safety question training and consulting services. Before starting Theseus Profession Services in 1999, Mr. Moreau served as a senior quality advisor for the Department of Energy’s high-level waste vitrification program.

Mr. Moreau specializes in software quality assurance, design control, and records management. His company’s client list includes nearly every major Department of Energy site and laboratory. Southern Nuclear Company; Westinghouse Electric Company; NuScale Power; Sargent and Lundy; Curtis-Wright; Intergraph; GUTOR – A Schneider Electric Company; and numerous nuclear supply chain engineering firms, constructors, manufacturers, laboratories, and software solution providers.

Mr. Moreau has been a member of the ASME since 1982 and since 1990 has been an active participant on the ASME Committee on Nuclear Quality Assurance. He has been on the Main Committee since 2002 and from 2004 to 2008 he served as the Vice Chair, Subcommittee on Engineering and Procurement Processes. In 2008 he was elected to lead the newly formed Subcommittee on Software Quality Assurance. In 2014, Mr. Moreau was elected Vice Chair of NQA and was appointed as the Chair of the Executive Committee. He is a registered professional engineer and holds a bachelor‘s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in software engineering administration. He has been a certified NQA-1 lead auditor since 1989 and is also a certified ISO 9001, 14001, and OHSAS 18001 lead auditor. In 2015 Norm was recognized as ASME Fellow.




Jim Garrison

Jim Garrison is presently the Business Development Engineering Manager at United Controls International (UCI) where he coordinates and supports activities to increase UCI’s market visibility and strategic partnerships. Prior to this appointment, Mr. Garrison led UCI’s Seismic and Equipment Qualification Department, overseeing the review and creation of Nuclear Qualification Test Plans and Reports. He also dealt directly with site procurement, design, seismic and environmental engineers to develop plans to determine the Seismic acceptability, installed design life and susceptibility to Harsh Environment conditions of mechanical and electrical parts located in safety-critical areas of Nuclear Power Generation Stations.

Mr. Garrison received his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is an NQA-1 certified lead auditor and subject matter expert in environmental qualification, 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, and 10CFR50 Part 21. Mr. Garrison is a Lead Instructor with Nuclear Training Institute for their Commercial Grade Dedication and Environmental Qualification courses. He also serves on the NUOG Supplier Advisory Committee and has sat on committees to write/revise EPRI’s Guideline on Prevention and Detection of UnDeclared Digital Content (3002008010) and EPRI’s upcoming guideline on Reverse Engineering.


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