Internal Audits


ProcessQM LLC offers outsourcing solutions for internal audits.

Internal audits are the first-party audits typically conducted by the individuals within an organization or by an outside party on behalf of the organization in order to verify conformance of the organization with one or more of the following:

  • Conformance with specific quality requirements such as ISO9001, NQA-1, etc.
  • Conformance with customer contractual requirements
  • Compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.



Outsourcing internal quality audits can save you a lot of time and money. Since internal audits are infrequent, and they can be performed in a fairly small amount of time, it is generally challenging to justify and maintain competencies and credentials of in-house auditing personnel. Outsourcing would allow your valuable resources to focus on the day-to-day operations while contributing to the organizational strategic objectives. Conducting an internal audit would become one less thing to worry about when seeking conformance to the standards that require internal audits and independent assessments.

ProcessQM LLC offers internal audit outsourcing solutions that give you access to qualified and experienced professionals on an as-needed basis. We conduct audits in accordance with the auditing requirements for management systems defined in ISO 19011:2011 for non-nuclear applications and we follow NQA-1-2015 auditing requirements for nuclear applications. Since we receive the same type of lead auditor training the external auditors do, you will be able to use our internal audit results in preparation for external audits.

We also perform desktop audits of the quality management systems and quality assurance plans. Simply send us your QMS documentation and we will verify its conformance to specified requirements.

Co-sourcing is also available. Co-sourcing combines internal and external resources allowing you to share internal auditing responsibilities while maintaining overall control of the process.

CONTACT US to outsource your internal audits to our experienced and skilled professionals today! We will apply the right level of scrutiny to identify conformances, nonconformances and opportunities for improvement while providing a fresh independent perspective and assisting you in reaching your quality objectives.


Ready to upgrade your quality management system to ISO 9001:2015? We can help!

ISO standards are reviewed every 5 years and revised as needed. If your organization is currently certified to ISO 9001:2008 you have three years from the publication of ISO 9001:2015 to migrate to the new edition of the standard, which means your recertification has to be completed by September 2018. Contact us today to help you with this transition!

Wish to become an NQA-1 supplier?

We work side-by-side with some of the most experienced NQA-1 professionals in the nuclear industry to ensure compliance of your quality system with ASME NQA-1 and 10 CFR 50 Appendix B.

10 CFR 830 and DOE O 414.1D

Whether you have a contract with DOE or NNSA directly or supply products and/or services to a DOE or NNSA contractor, you are most likely impacted by the quality assurance requirements of the 10 CFR 830, Subpart A and DOE Order 414.1D. We'll evaluate your current systems and applications and prepare necessary documentation to make sure your project is on the right track and is in compliance.

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